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Do you sometimes feel like an “extra” in the play of your own life? Do family and friends seem to have more dramatic roles? Do you secretly want to have a place in the spotlight? Do you want your own personal story to have a happier ending?

As an executive coach and outplacement consultant, I am often called upon to help my clients fulfil their dreams and unlock their talents. A lot of them shy away from it because they don’t believe they can do it or do not see the huge wealth of potential, that I, as a complete outsider can see.

Over the years I have had considerable success in getting people to be the person they want to be and would like to share with you some tried and tested approaches for becoming the central character on your own personal stage. 

In my role, I am constantly trying to persuade people that if they think they can do it, they probably can, often with very significant results. If you have a feeling that you have more to say or do with your life, trust your intuition and believe that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Do your homework

Lay the foundations for success. If you want to be an artist talk to other artists, go on courses to find your style and practice your techniques.  If you want to write, read books on writing, join a writers group and research the publishing industry. If you want to be a cocktail mixologist, find recipes and practice to find your creativity. Experiment with different methods and approaches until you find a style that works for you. What research do you need to do for your ideas to take shape?

Talk to people

When undertaking a new project it is important to get support and encourage new ideas. Share your hopes and dreams with people who will be supportive and react positively. It is amazing how if you talk to the right people your ideas will develop and become more polished. They are also likely to suggest other people who it would be useful for you to contact and talk to. Who can you talk to about your ideas?

Step out of the comfort zone

Be prepared to try out new behaviours and take a few risks.  Whether you want to be an actor, property developer or mixologist, when you are following your dream it is quite likely that you will experience rejections. Each time you receive feedback, act on it and improve your pitch the next time. When you are trying something new you have to believe in what you are doing and keep going despite the rejections. What actions could you take to step outside your comfort zone?

Create space for your dreams to flourish

In order to let new opportunities in to your life, sometimes you have to let go of some old behaviours. I call this ‘stepping into the void’. This might mean that you have to stop doing activities that you have done in the past, which might feel safe and comfortable. You need to trust that in leaving old behaviours behind that new and more exciting opportunities will appear. What would you need to stop doing, to start doing other things?

Enjoy the process

‘Stepping into void’ can be scary. It can also be the time when you learn a lot about yourself and develop a whole new set of skills. You need to believe in yourself and keep going despite the setbacks. If you do this you will end up in a totally different place from where you started. You will also start to enjoy the journey and start to come out from under the shadows. What one step could you take today to come from out of the shadows to be the person you always wanted to be?

These are also the steps that I took myself when I took the plunge to write the

 “The People Skills Revolution – a step by step approach to developing sophisticated people skills’.  This book will enable you to develop all the skills required to achieve your goals in 2013.




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