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The People Skills Revolution Handbook – published yesterday

The People Skills Revolution Handbook was published yesterday – just in time for the London Book Fair. This is an effective, clever, step by step approach to changing your people skills – one skill at a time. 

One of the biggest barriers people have to developing the sophisticated people skills outlined in the People Skills Revolution is the belief that learning to influence others is in some way manipulative. This companion handbook will help you to overcome this resistance  by providing a range of exercises to help you integrate the ideas in the book, whilst strengthening the belief that anyone with a positive intention and a readiness to step out of their comfort zone, to change their behaviours can achieve remarkable results. This handbook will make the apparently impossible, possible by helping you to put the skills of assertiveness, influencing, negotiation, conciliation, taking a stand and making peace into action. 

The book contains lots of practical examples and exercises which will help
to transfer the ideas into real life work and personal situations. 

These are some of the comments that early readers have made about the book.
People Skills Revolution – Comments from readers

Many readers will recognise themselves or a situation they have been
confronted with, in this book. Through powerful lessons and practical advice
Pamela provides ideas that are at least thought provoking and at best
insightful, confidence building and inspiring.

Chief Financial Officer

I have found the handbook very inspiring, helpful and easy to work with. I
have found the exercises and questions to be a good opportunity to step
back, revaluate and re-think the way I deal with certain situations. I have
enjoyed working with the handbook and I have found the approach to be useful
not only at the workplace but also in my private life.

Business and Information Manager

In setting up my own company I needed to bring along the right tools for the
job to make sure my clients were satisfied enough to ask me back again. With
The People Skills Handbook in my briefcase I achieved better than hoped for
results in politically contentious and potentially very difficult

Company Director

The author leads us through an engaging journey of self discovery and helps
us rebuild ourselves with a foundation of positives and an awareness of

A reference book that’s refreshingly easy reading

IT Consultant

The People Skills Revolution Handbook can be purchased from Amazon

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I hope you find this information of interest and would be pleased to hear
from you regarding any comments or suggestions you may have.



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