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The Psychic and the Russian Girlfriend

I was in a meeting where a psychic (who looked remarkable like Uriah Heep the obsequious and ‘ever so umble’ clerk from Dicken’s David Copperfield) was giving a talk. He started his lecture by saying he was going to talk about ‘Trust’. He then proceeded to tell us that his Russian Girlfriend was arriving tomorrow … Continue reading

We become like the people we love….

The main message I want to convey in this chapter is how little attention is paid to limbic development in western society. Increasingly we are relying on our reptilian (survival) and neo-cortex (thinking and problem solving) brains to help us make decisions and to live our lives, including when it comes to relationships Continue reading

The continuum of love

In the past the course of a pairing relationship was highly prescribed in many societies. There used to be a period of courtship, without sexual contact, which progressed on to marriage where the responsibilities of men and women in relationships where clearly prescribed. Generally speaking the women looked after the home and the children and … Continue reading

The relationships we get are a reflection of our own personal development

Having left my marriage in my forties, I knew that I was a nice, presentable, intelligent, kind, occasionally funny and sometimes sexy woman. I expected to quickly walk into a new and more fulfilling relationship.  Seven years later after a bit of dabbling and a number of false starts, I was still alone and wondered … Continue reading

The power of chats

I am a huge fan of ‘chats’. The People Skills Revolution Book and Handbook would not have been written without being able to chat to my clients, colleagues and friends, who listened to my thoughts, helped me to shape my ideas and gave me feedback on the initial draft. I have also realised over the … Continue reading