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In an earlier blog ‘ You become like the people you love’, I wrote about the part the limbic system plays in our ability to love. These ideas were based on a book by three professors of psychiatry called a General Theory of Love’ To me Thomas Lewis MD, Fari Amini MD, and Richard Lannon … Continue reading

Influencing in action

  Influencing:  a personal example When writing the People Skills Revolution I wanted to interview a chief executive officer for the book. I had heard about him through the ‘grape vine’ and thought that he might be working at the level of peace maker. I needed a practical example for the chapter on making peace … Continue reading

The Making of a Peace Maker

Although I blogged this 3 years ago – I think in the current climate it is worth publishing again. This is how real peace makers behave….. In the People Skills Revolution Handbook I include an interview with a CEO, who I had heard about through the grapevine, who I believed was working at the level … Continue reading

Starting a People Skills Revolution

Revolutions have to start somewhere. I believe that the skills outlined in the People Skills Revolution Handbook could transform the way that people interact with each other, one to one, in organisations, in groups, in families, at a the national level and on the international stage.   Those who have developed these skills in a … Continue reading