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Assertiveness – What signals/symptoms tell me that I’m being too assertive?

This question reminds me of when I worked in a large drug company and did performance appraisal follow ups. When they described the behaviour of their staff I would often say ‘sounds as though they could do with an assertiveness course’. More often than not they would turn white, look distressed and say ‘but they … Continue reading

Developing a more positive attitude towards yourself and others

Continuum of Interpersonal Skills.New How do you begin to develop a (more) positive attitude about both yourself and your interpersonal relations? First it’s important to remember that nearly all of you reading this probably have negative beliefs. I realized this when I was doing assertiveness courses and then management courses and then executive coaching with director level staff. … Continue reading

The Love Revolution – A New Way of Looking at Love

I am writing a book on loving relationships because I am interested in personal development, personal effectiveness, personal relationships and interpersonal skills. I have developed successful approaches before which I wrote about in the People Skills Revolution. I was curious to know if the step-by-step approaches I had applied to interpersonal skills could be used … Continue reading