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Influencing in action ( and he did not even realise he was doing it)

I was recently talking to my friend who is a fellow consultant and he was telling me how he always puts something humourous in his invoices. He said he did this because he felt it very stark just to ask people for money. It might be a joke or a funny quote.  I said to … Continue reading

How to think more positively about yourself and others

I used to have very negative beliefs about myself. My Mum was a worrier and always anxious about everything. In fact if she was not worrying she was worried that there was nothing to worry about. I learnt this behaviour – my head was my head and I was used to it – it was … Continue reading

The Ladder to Success – the continuum of interpersonal skills

The Ladder to Success – the Continuum of Interpersonal Skills I have been in the privileged position of working a number of clients for a very long time. When I started off a lot of the courses were related to personal development and management development but as time progressed they offered me the opportunity to … Continue reading