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The Psychological Bingo Board and Relationships -The Evolution of Love

In my previous blog I talked about a concept called the Psychological Bingo Board and explained how we in effect programme our personality based on the behaviours and beliefs which enable us to get attention when we are growing up. The idea behind the Psychological Bingo Board is that we have within us potentially all … Continue reading

Let’s Play Psychological Bingo – The Evolution of Love

This is longer than my other posts – I hope you will stay with me – it’s interesting!! Sometimes I find it quite hard to track how the ideas in the book came about because it was an evolving and iterative process. One thought led to another until a way of thinking was developed which … Continue reading

HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN HAPPY – The Evolution of Love

According to Allan and Barbara Pease*, there are four basic things that men have always wanted from women Sex    Basic Services, food, washing, mothering etc To be loved and to be number one Solitary time without interruption Whereas they suggest that women say that want the following from men Love Faithfulness Kindness Commitment Education and … Continue reading

The Story of Wally – The Evolution of Love

I used to go dancing with a female friend and we got to know another guy – let’s call him Wally. We used to sit on the same table. He was what Neil Strauss in ‘The Game’ would call an AFC (an average frustrated chump). Although he was a bit off the wall and did … Continue reading

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…..- The Evolution of Love

A publisher once said to me that women buy self-help books and share them with their men. Although I am sure this is generally true, men do buy and read books like the international best seller ‘The Game’ and ‘Rules of the Game’ by Neil Strauss in which he tells the (AFC) Average Frustrated Chump … Continue reading

Men – Changing the face of relationships – The Evolution of Love

Adding to this commentary of male identity, Allan and Barbara Pease say in their book ‘The Mating Game – Why Men Want Sex and Women need love’, that men these days have few male role models especially amongst teachers ‘It all adds to the confusion new generations of young men feel when thinking about what … Continue reading

Men and Relationships – the Evolution of Love

‘Men should be dynamic, problem solving, in control, go-getting, vital, successful and soft as and when required. Men’s magazines are about tight abs, not how you feel. Currently there is no real way of reaching men to discuss how they feel. As a bloke, if you go out with your mates, you drink a few pints, you talk sport, you might moan about the missus, but you won’t talk about your feelings, about how you can’t cope. Your mates would run a mile. They don’t know how to talk themselves. Men don’t; it is not seemly’.
Continue reading

Relationships – three main conclusions – The Evolution of Love

After researching paired relationships for over 10 years I came to three main conclusions. That we all have a drive towards completion, which influences our choice of partner and the experiences we attract towards us. That the relationships you will have are a factor of your own personal development, so if you want a better … Continue reading

Key Ideas in the Book – The Evolution of Love

The Evolution of Love – Key Ideas in the Book Reflections on relationship books The first thing I discovered when reading many, many books on relationships was that a lot of them were highly manipulative.  The books for women tended to focus on how to ‘hook’ a man and get him down the aisle. Whilst … Continue reading

The Evolution of Love

The Evolution of Love • Do you want to know why your previous relationships ended the way they did? • Do you want to be able to diagnose your previous relationship history? • Do you want to make different relationship decisions in the future ? • Do you want to know how to create lasting … Continue reading