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Relationships – three main conclusions – The Evolution of Love

Jo's Mum&DadonbenchAfter researching paired relationships for over 10 years I came to three main conclusions.

  1. That we all have a drive towards completion, which influences our choice of partner and the experiences we attract towards us.
  1. That the relationships you will have are a factor of your own personal development, so if you want a better relationship you need to develop a better relationship with yourself.
  1. That learning to love is like learning a language, being good at a sport or learning to play an instrument. It is a skill that needs to be learnt.

Then with these models and conclusions in mind, and a moment of serendipity, I started to work with a friend and colleague Veronica to test their validity

From the start we called our sessions together ‘the Meetings’ and we met regularly every fortnight to explore relationships in the context of the models  and our own experience.

This process was very successful. Not only did we learn about relationships but what surprised us most was that we hardly talked about men or in fact relationships. Instead we naturally fell into a form of personal development that not only helped us to become more complete as individuals but also deepened our relationship as friends

This work involved examining our personal beliefs systems, researching relationships, developing new skills and giving and receiving direct and honest feedback.

Our work together and the ideas that I have compiled forms the basis of this book.

From the beginning we set out to share what we had learnt with others and as a result the second half of the book comprises a work book which will help you to move from where you are now in terms of relationships to where you want to be.

The book will lead you through the reasons you attract or select the certain types of relationships you have in your life and the work book section will enable you to make different choices if you decide to do so.

It will also allow you to develop an emotional development plan to help you to achieve the love that you long for.

This book is not about finding love although it will certainly help you to do so – this book is about loving for the long term.

If you would like to follow the whole story of The Evolution of Love please go to the contents page below which includes links to all the chapters.


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