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A Steady Job or a Million Pounds a Year?

12311223_10207904027856046_3521061831446311825_nWould you give up your reasonably well paid job to earn a million pounds a year?

Imagine you are in a steady fairly well paid job and then someone says if you become you own boss you can earn over a million pounds with very little effort. It sounds interesting because you find people at work a bit irritating and you feel that more and more of the ‘wrong’ people are joining your organisation.

So you give in your notice and make enquiries about the new business opportunity. Only then do you find out that there is no plan. You have to work out what your strengths are, what people want to buy, learn to market yourself and realise that a lot of other ‘players’ have been in your market for years and sewn up all the business opportunities so that it’s almost impossible to find new contacts, be heard, make a pitch and find work. When you do find work you realise that you are a minor player and are earning less than you did before with much more effort. Under these circumstances would you have made the choice to leave….?


Well that’s exactly what we have done by voting Brexit!

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