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Hello my name is Pamela Milne and I am an author and change agent from Sevenoaks in Kent. My company is called Solutions Unlimited and I have been working in the field of personal, team and organisational development for the past twenty years. Helping myself and others to be more effective at work and at home is my passion.

My background is that I have a Masters Degree in Change Agent Skills and Strategies and a degree in Economics. I have worked in a range of industries including publishing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, FMCG and utilities as well as the public health care sector. I also spent a great deal of my working life in helping people with their careers and making the transition smooth from one role to another.

Most people, I believe would benefit from knowing more about themselves and how they interact with others although few people have access to training or coaching. This blog is my attempt to redress this balance.

My blogs cover three main areas:

People Skills – assertiveness, influencing, negotiation, conciliation, taking a stand, making peace and how to deal with the arch manipulator.

Love Relationships* – impoverished relationships, romantic love, teamwork love, accepting love and evolving love.

Job Search Strategies – how to create a winning CV, how to impress at the interview, thinking about your skills and what kind of jobs or careers would suit you.

* The blogs on love relationships form part of my book on love called ‘The Evolution of Love’.

If you would like to follow the whole story of The Evolution of Love please go to the contents page below which includes links to all the chapters.


People Skills Revolution_Final (2)The blogs on people skills include extracts from my books ‘the People Skills Revolution’ and the ‘People Skills Revolution Handbook’ which are available on Amazon or can be ordered direct from me.

The blogs on job search skills will be included in a book called ‘A Life Book for Work’ which will take you from your getting your first job through every stage of your life at work including supervision and management skills.

I do hope that you find my blogs interesting and that when you have a dilemma to resolve in your dealings with people that you will consider visiting my site – I am pretty sure that as the weeks go by you will find a useful perspective here.

If you would like to read a blog on a particular subject or you want to ask me a question please leave me a message.

I specialise in focused short term coaching in the areas of job search, people and management skills development and relationships at my base in Sevenoaks. If you would like to talk about having coaching with me please email initially at Pamela.milne@solutionsunlimited.co.uk.  

Outside of work I love to dance, paint, write and travel. The most exciting places I have been to are, the Indian Himalayas, China and South Africa where I was in a film for National Geographic – but that’s another story.

Happy reading and best wishes


My books ‘The People Skills Revolution’ and ‘The People Skills Revolution Handbook’ are available through Amazon


One thought on “About

  1. Pamela, I like your blogs as you have some very interesting insights into people and relationships.

    Posted by Rachel Perera | August 17, 2016, 8:51 am

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