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‘What you told me saved my marriage’

‘What you told me saved my marriage’ A few years ago I was running a management development programme and at the end of the six month course one of the participants told me that he thought I had saved his marriage. Obviously curious I asked him what I had done to achieve this and he … Continue reading

Men (and Women) and Emotions – The Evolution of Love

I have always read the papers and stuff and seen articles about people who’ve committed suicide and I used to think “You selfish so and so. How can you do something like that?” but there’s time at the beginning where you think – you kind of know how they feel. When I look at my 3 kids, I couldn’t do that to them. I am not saying I have not sat there and thought I was going to do it but I have sat there and thought I understand and can see how you can sink into a mad place, where you just think, you know what forget this. But I have been lucky. I have had so many people around me, who have been tight around me’.
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How to recognise an arch-manipulator

What arch manipulators do is create chaos where none existed before and know what ‘buttons’ to press to get people to act emotionally and fall out with people that they used to previously get on wi… Source: How to recognise an arch-manipulator

‘It Takes Two Hands To Clap’ – Dating in a Digital Age

Dates are becoming like commodities, before you actually meet, before you second or third date there is a lot of texting – you just say something wrong and you might not end up in a date anymore. For each text that you send you are being assessed. When you meet the person in person there might be things that you might not have liked about the person based on this one dimension but when you meet the person it’s multi-dimensional so there are other things that would have made up for these things that you might not have liked’. Continue reading


Now all the exercise videos and New Year’s resolutions are out of the way and the diet is a long distant memory. You might feel frustrated that another year has gone past and you still haven’t changed your job, moved house, found a partner or taken the plunge back into education. If you don’t want to be sitting here the same time next having the same thoughts, you must take some action to remove some of the blocks that may stand in your way and make 2017 the year that you succeed. Continue reading

Why I believe that assertiveness underpins all effective interpersonal skills 

https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fpamelaemilne%2Fvideos%2F1249257598499063%2F&width=500&show_text=false&height=892&appId This is my first attempt at going ‘live’ on Facebook to talk about why assertiveness is fundamental to successful interaction with people. Hope the link works and hope you enjoy the video  

Let’s play Psychological Bingo – the new game in town – The Evolution of Love

Let’s play Psychological Bingo – the new game in town – The Evolution of Love This is longer than my other posts – I hope you will stay with me – it’s interesting!! Sometimes I find it quite hard to track how the ideas in the book came about because it was an evolving and … Continue reading

Top 10 tips to achieving your goals in 2017

Top 10 tips to achieving your goals in 2017. 1. Believe you can Most people when thinking about different futures, start to “yes but”, themselves. They think they are too old, too young, not bright enough, not slim enough, not brave enough or attractive enough to achieve their dreams. If you want to achieve your goals … Continue reading

How to write a report – explained in 1692 words

The main reason I believe that people feel so nervous about writing reports is that the education system so poorly prepares people for the world of work and most people leave school or university believing that they cannot write because they have been constantly criticised, although at no time did these establishments tell people how to write. Continue reading

Mindfulness (in 1548 words)

There has been an explosion of ‘Mindfulness’ in the media over the last 10 years and the internet is full of millions of resources, courses and mindful colouring, much of it free. Ironically this only serves to confuse the issue. However there are in fact a number of ‘core’ practices that crop up time and time again and can be considered to be central tools of the Mindfulness approach. Continue reading