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It all started when one of the team members had gone to the Philippines to find a wife. This was followed by each of them in turn going to get themselves a Pilipino bride.

According to the team leader instead of manually chemically referencing drugs now he spent his time resolving arguments between the husbands and the wives and between the wives themselves and between the husbands.
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The Psychic and His Russian Girlfriend – Impoverished Love – The Evolution of Love

The Psychic and His Russian Girlfriend I was in a meeting where a psychic (who looked remarkable like Uriah Heep the obsequious and ‘ever so umble’ clerk from Dicken’s David Copperfield) was giving a talk. He started his lecture by saying he was going to talk about ‘Trust’. He then proceeded to tell us that … Continue reading

Internet Dating Scams – Impoverished Love – The Evolution of Love

Internet Dating Scams The last aspect of impoverished love that I would like to talk about is the world of internet dating scams. When I first started internet dating I talked to someone who looked really handsome in his profile picture.  He said he was Portuguese and worked in the diamond industry and lived in … Continue reading

The Nature of Obsession – Impoverished Love – The Evolution of Love

The Nature of Obsession When talking about impoverished love I also wanted to mention the nature of obsession. Having been obsessed myself on quite a few occasions and for quite a length of time, I mentioned this to my female friends and much to my surprise I found that obsession has often been part of … Continue reading