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Let’s play Psychological Bingo – the new game in town – The Evolution of Love

Let’s play Psychological Bingo – the new game in town – The Evolution of Love This is longer than my other posts – I hope you will stay with me – it’s interesting!! Sometimes I find it quite hard to track how the ideas in the book came about because it was an evolving and … Continue reading

Top 10 tips to achieving your goals in 2017

Top 10 tips to achieving your goals in 2017. 1. Believe you can Most people when thinking about different futures, start to “yes but”, themselves. They think they are too old, too young, not bright enough, not slim enough, not brave enough or attractive enough to achieve their dreams. If you want to achieve your goals … Continue reading

How to write a report – explained in 1692 words

The main reason I believe that people feel so nervous about writing reports is that the education system so poorly prepares people for the world of work and most people leave school or university believing that they cannot write because they have been constantly criticised, although at no time did these establishments tell people how to write. Continue reading

Mindfulness (in 1548 words)

There has been an explosion of ‘Mindfulness’ in the media over the last 10 years and the internet is full of millions of resources, courses and mindful colouring, much of it free. Ironically this only serves to confuse the issue. However there are in fact a number of ‘core’ practices that crop up time and time again and can be considered to be central tools of the Mindfulness approach. Continue reading


It all started when one of the team members had gone to the Philippines to find a wife. This was followed by each of them in turn going to get themselves a Pilipino bride.

According to the team leader instead of manually chemically referencing drugs now he spent his time resolving arguments between the husbands and the wives and between the wives themselves and between the husbands.
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A Steady Job or a Million Pounds a Year?

Would you give up your reasonably well paid job to earn a million pounds a year? Imagine you are in a steady fairly well paid job and then someone says if you become you own boss you can earn over a million pounds with very little effort. It sounds interesting because you find people at … Continue reading

The Mating Call of the Unicorn – The Evolution of Love

Essentially you take a graph. One side has the level of crazy and the other side has the level of ‘hotness’. Now I watched a ‘You Tube’ video, which went through a schematic analysis of where different kinds of girls fit. Essentially you have the coolness scale mixed with the craziness scale. So you have the crazy line and then finally you have a super attractive girl who is not crazy, who is super cool and you get on really well with – the Unicorn. Continue reading

Open the door to influence

As an executive coach, for the past 12 years I have been assisting clients to get different outcomes by using a very predictable and successful stage-by-stage model. I have called this approach ‘The cycle of influence’. After learning these skills people often achieve immediate results, after trying unsuccessfully to get things done for them by … Continue reading

Understanding the drama triangle

Based on the concept of Transactional Analysis devised by Eric Berne in the 1960’s and outlined in his book Games People Play, this therapeutic approach looks at human interaction in terms of parent, adult, child states. In this book Berne suggests that we play games to get our needs for attention met, when we are … Continue reading

HOW TO STOP PLAYING THE GAME – What to do if you find yourself in a Drama Triangle

HOW TO STOP PLAYING THE GAME -What to do if you find yourself in a Drama Triangle Conflict is likely to emerge when clear roles, boundaries and structures are either not present or disappear. Where there is conflict the drama triangle is not far away whether be it at work, between friends, in the family … Continue reading