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Open the door to influence

As an executive coach, for the past 12 years I have been assisting clients to get different outcomes by using a very predictable and successful stage-by-stage model. I have called this approach ‘The cycle of influence’. After learning these skills people often achieve immediate results, after trying unsuccessfully to get things done for them by … Continue reading

Assertiveness – What signals/symptoms tell me that I’m being too assertive?

This question reminds me of when I worked in a large drug company and did performance appraisal follow ups. When they described the behaviour of their staff I would often say ‘sounds as though they could do with an assertiveness course’. More often than not they would turn white, look distressed and say ‘but they … Continue reading

The power of chats

If I work with people for any length of time, it is not long before I start talking about the power of chats. I am a huge believer in just chatting with people. By this, I mean not making a big thing about making an appointment to meet people. This can make everything so serious. … Continue reading

Why Building Rapport is SO Important

Under normal circumstances, when you want to make a request for someone to do something for you and you get on well with them, you tend to have a chat with them before you ask them for what you want. Then your request flows naturally out of your conversation with them. With people you do … Continue reading

How to build rapport with people

How do you start with building rapport? Well, find something about the person that you like or something that is worthy of comment, for example their football team, haircut, car, tie, shoes or pen and just start from there. Really, you can say just about anything, as long as it is not important or serious … Continue reading

People Skills Revolution Handbook Book Review

Here is a review of my book the People Skills Revolution Handbook from James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief , California Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review “The People Skills Revolution: A Step by Step Approach to Developing Sophisticated People Skills provides a fine companion to The People Skills Revolution and provides exercises to help absorb the concepts in … Continue reading

The People Skills Revolution – why would you want to join it?

  This blog is about my book – The People Skills Revolution. I always find it difficult to explain the book because it is nothing like anything you have ever read before. It’s not a one, idea book that promises a lot but has very little substance. It’s a step-by-step approach to developing sophisticated people … Continue reading


  Just think you have just come up with the perfect solution to one of the company’s biggest problems and yet either people don’t listen to your ideas or they tell you that you lack the ability to build rapport with people and rub people up the wrong way.   Once of the main reasons … Continue reading

How to influence – to be the person you want to buy from

    Just think about it for a minute. You are extremely busy, and someone you like approaches you to do a favour for them. What is your response? Then someone you are not keen on or do not know asks you to do some work for them. What is your response? Since you are … Continue reading