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Open the door to influence

As an executive coach, for the past 12 years I have been assisting clients to get different outcomes by using a very predictable and successful stage-by-stage model. I have called this approach ‘The cycle of influence’. After learning these skills people often achieve immediate results, after trying unsuccessfully to get things done for them by … Continue reading

The Story of Wally – The Evolution of Love

I used to go dancing with a female friend and we got to know another guy – let’s call him Wally. We used to sit on the same table. He was what Neil Strauss in ‘The Game’ would call an AFC (an average frustrated chump). Although he was a bit off the wall and did … Continue reading

Why should you join the People Skills Revolution?

Do you want to have more power? Do you want to have more influence with other people? Do you want have more control of your life? Do you want to achieve some goals that you never before thought possible? Well today I am going to tell you how to achieve all of those goals if … Continue reading

Controlling emotions during negotiation

Negotiation – During a negotiation, how do I prevent-control my emotions (e.g. fear, anger, excessive happiness)? Well the simplest answer is that you don’t start from here! In the past when I was running negotiation skills workshops and pairs had to negotiate a very simple negotiation exercise I noticed that people who were passive very … Continue reading

The power of chats

If I work with people for any length of time, it is not long before I start talking about the power of chats. I am a huge believer in just chatting with people. By this, I mean not making a big thing about making an appointment to meet people. This can make everything so serious. … Continue reading

Why Building Rapport is SO Important

Under normal circumstances, when you want to make a request for someone to do something for you and you get on well with them, you tend to have a chat with them before you ask them for what you want. Then your request flows naturally out of your conversation with them. With people you do … Continue reading

How to build rapport with people

How do you start with building rapport? Well, find something about the person that you like or something that is worthy of comment, for example their football team, haircut, car, tie, shoes or pen and just start from there. Really, you can say just about anything, as long as it is not important or serious … Continue reading

A Model of influence – People do things for people

For the past 12 years I have been assisting clients to get different outcomes by using a very predictable and successful stage-by-stage model, which can be easily learnt. I have called this model ‘The cycle of influence’. After learning the skills described in this blog, people often leave a course or coaching session and achieve … Continue reading

Influencing in action

  Influencing:  a personal example When writing the People Skills Revolution I wanted to interview a chief executive officer for the book. I had heard about him through the ‘grape vine’ and thought that he might be working at the level of peace maker. I needed a practical example for the chapter on making peace … Continue reading

Starting a People Skills Revolution

Revolutions have to start somewhere. I believe that the skills outlined in the People Skills Revolution Handbook could transform the way that people interact with each other, one to one, in organisations, in groups, in families, at a the national level and on the international stage.   Those who have developed these skills in a … Continue reading