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Why Building Rapport is SO Important

Under normal circumstances, when you want to make a request for someone to do something for you and you get on well with them, you tend to have a chat with them before you ask them for what you want. Then your request flows naturally out of your conversation with them. With people you do … Continue reading

Influencing in action

  Influencing:  a personal example When writing the People Skills Revolution I wanted to interview a chief executive officer for the book. I had heard about him through the ‘grape vine’ and thought that he might be working at the level of peace maker. I needed a practical example for the chapter on making peace … Continue reading

Writing speculative letters for jobs.

When I used to work in Career Centres helping people to get jobs by improving their marketing skills I would often come across speculative letters addressed to Dear Sir, not saying what kind of work they would like to do and including phrases like ‘I am a good comunicator’. In the centre we were helping … Continue reading